Growing pains

By Peter Foley (Registered Podiatrist) Growing pains are a common complaint of young patients, with a recent Australian study estimating between 35 and 40% of children aged 4-6 years are affected. Older children may also be affected at any age up to the completion of puberty. What are Growing pains? Growing pains are typified by…


The Weight Loss Equation

One of the most common and difficult health issues for many people is losing weight. With so much information (and misinformation!) around, losing weight or even knowing where to start can be daunting. Although diets and weight loss can be complex and varied, there are some really simple facts you need to know to help you get started or stay on track with your weight loss journey.


John Bartlett – Acupuncturist

We are very fortunate to have had the opportunity to add John Bartlett to our team at Coomera Wellness Centre.  John is an excellent acupuncturist who brings with him 10 years clinical experience and a dedication to his field.  He is passionate about acupuncture and has spent the past 8 years sharing his knowledge and practical skills through lecturing at Endeavour College.


What Chiropractic Patients Should Know About Stretching

article-002-stretching(Please be aware that the following information is general only, if you would like specific help or would like to know more about when to stretch and when not to stretch, please ask to speak to one of our chiropractors.)

When you suffer from joint or muscle pain, it is important to work on maintaining as much flexibility as possible. The more flexible you are, the less likely you will be to further injure yourself. One of the best ways to improve your flexibility is by stretching before you are active.


Lincoln Hansen

Gold Coast born and bred, Lincoln has had a passion for the field of chiropractic from an early age. He uses his chiropractic skills and knowledge of human physiology to provide relief from back pain, neck pain, headaches and sciatica.  Lincoln also treats a wide range of soft tissue and musculoskeletal conditions such as carpal tunnel syndrome, muscle strains and…


5 Tips Chiropractic Patients Can Use When Choosing The Perfect Pillow

Neck pain is nobody’s friend, and it is definitely not an ideal sleeping companion. Pain-filled nights can leave a person dull, groggy, and not ready to face the day in the morning. Unfortunately, certain sleeping positions can further aggravate neck pain to the point it robs a person of a good night’s sleep.

If you suffer from neck pain, the toll it takes on deep sleep isn’t news to you. What may surprise you, however, is choosing the right pillow can make a huge difference in whether you lie awake grumpily watching the clock or snuggle cozily into dream land.


‘Get Your Happy Back’

This year Spinal Health Week 2015 runs from May 25 to 31, with the theme ‘Get Your Happy Back’.

Every day more and more Australians experience disabling low back pain, neck pain and headaches, limiting their ability to work and engage in an active healthy life.

One explanation for this is the impact an increasingly sedentary lifestyle has on postural fitness. Think about all the hours you spend each day sitting at work or school, on a computer or other mobile device, watching television or playing computer games. Poor posture increases pressure on your spine which can cause low back pain, neck pain, headaches and fatigue.


Lisa Ng Massage Therapist

Welcome to Lisa Ng, the newest edition to our massage team! Lisa is a highly experienced, passionate and caring massage therapist who is skilled at treating a diverse range of conditions. To say we are excited to have her on our team is an understatement! Lisa has a special interest and vast experience in the…